"Under the Earth" is the #1 film on Amazon Studios

On December 2nd 2015, filmmaker Michael Albright submitted his fifteen minute short film to Amazon Studios, the film and television division of one of the world's largest online retailers. Within a matter of days, the piece skyrocketed to the top spot out of over 13,000 projects to be considered by the studio for full fledged funding. As of right now, "Under the Earth" is still the #1 film on Amazon Studios and maintains a five star viewer rating!

Brian had the honor of narrating the lead character's tumultuous internal struggle of making sense of a whole unique world that exists within the center of the planet, which forces him to question everything he believes about the universe as a whole. Even worse, his encounter with its inhabitants has formed a mysterious, haunting connection between himself and them upon his return to the normal world, inducing a chronic state of paranoia and fear for his own life.


The film is still readily available for viewing exclusively on the project's Amazon Studio page. If you really enjoyed the short and are eager to see more of it, please voice your desire to see it go into full production in the comments section of the page!

Watch "Under the Earth" here: